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Hisanori Muramoto, tenor, was born in 1983 in Aomori, Japan. After studying computer science (BScIT) at the Hirosaki State University, he first studied at Miyagi State Pedagogical College before beginning his vocal studies at the Tokyo State University of Arts. There he participated in the Bach Cantatas and gained many experiences in the interpretation of Bach Cantatas. In addition, he worked as a soloist at the 61st G.F.Händel “Messiah” concert at his university. With a master’s degree (MA, opera), in which he joined Ferrari from WA Mozart “Cosi fan tutte” and Artemidoro A.Salieri “La grotta di Trofonio”, he finished his studies in Japan and came to Germany, so he is able to continue his vocal work in baroque and pre-classical music. He has been studying with Knut Schoch at the Hamburg Conservatory since 2017 and performed in this concert in Hamburg and Northern Germany.

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Hisanori Muramoto, tenor He was born in 1983 in Aomori, Japan and has been playing the piano since 3 years old. He attended high school at the choir club, that was his first sangalic experience. After enrolling at the Hirosaki State University, he studied computer technology (BScIT) there and also took part in the Mixed Choir Association. Then he took his Master’s Degree (ME) at the State Pupagogic College Miyagi, at that time he studied the PublicDomain of Music and the Internet database. When he was 25 years old, he suddenly made a big decision that he was registered at the State University of Tokyo. Although he was a bassist from the choir club before, but he was a tenor. There he took part in the Bach Kantaten verein, he had many experiences of collecting cantatas. He was also chosen as a soloist at the 61st G.F.Handels “Messiah” concert at the university. Afterwards he took his second master’s degree (MA, opera), performing “Cosi fan tutte” as Ferrando from W.A Mozart and “La grotta di Trofonio” as Artemidoro from A. Salieri. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he returned to Germany to continue studying ancient music and pre-classical music. Now he is studying with Mr. Knut Schoch at the Hamburg Conservatory.